Qotob Trio Album Release 'Entity'

CNCD, in collaboration with Muziekpublique, is pleased to present the release concert for the album 'Entity' by Qotob Trio. Qotob was originally formed in Damascus but a new chapter in its history is now being written in Belgium. This Brussels version of the trio with Bassel Abou Fakher on cello, Jean-Baptiste Delneuville on piano and Piet Maris on accordion plays a mixture of Middle-eastern classical music and contemporary jazz. A poetic piano, an accordion which alternates between melancholy and joy and a deep yet serene cello form a very special musical blend.
'Entity' was recorded in the Jacques Altenloh auditorium, the trio’s rehearsal space, is instrumental, cinematic and adventurous. The sound is in part an extension of the intimate, velvet ECM releases of Anouar Brahem, but is also not far in spirit from the exotic arab jazz of Rabih Abou-Khalil, Dhafer Youssef and Bachar Mar Khalifé.
The concert will be preceded by a screening of ‘Nulle part en France’, Yolande Moreau’s moving documentary about migrants in Calais and Grande-Synthe which aims to shine a light in the darkness of denial and provide a beacon in the night of ignorance. This year refugees and migration form the centrepiece of the campaign of the CNCD (the Centre National de Coopération au Développement).

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 20:30