Sarah Baur's documentary CLMT SHIFT ART now available with English subtitles

Sarah Baur's full documentary 'CLMT SHIFT ART' is now available with English subtitles!

On the occasion of the climate summit in November, Sarah Baur interviewed artists Benjamin Verdonck and Jerome Bel on their search for a more ecological way of living and making art.
Many thanks to the art magazine rekto:verso for hosting the documentary.

There's no better way to wish u well for the New Year than to send this free documentary to someone you think might find it interesting or - if you haven't already - to watch it yourself.
It's meant to be food for thought, so don't hold back just because there's one sentence in it you don't agree with.
We really need to start talking about climate again.

The versions with French and Dutch subtitles are also still available on the website of Rekto Verso.

Monday, December 27, 2021 - 14:15