Foto Theo

Before arriving in Brussels, Théophane Raballand followed a graphic education at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. After a couple of years as a musician in Brussels he picked up his visual work and, besides music, he started dedicating himself to photography. In this way he made pictures for the Jaune Toujours albums Brusk, Camping del Mundo, Barricade and Routes, that was presented as a little booklet, like an art portfolio. Their latest album Europeana  took this idea even further and was released as a vinyl sized (33x33cm) photobook +cd!
Besides all this he made pictures for Mec Yek ( group portraits and the cover for Antikrisis), portraits of Vera Coomans ( for the Madou/madouce project) and pictures for the theatre project Wie Niet Gezien Is Is weg (Pixi Mrs. Ippi).

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