Expo Théophane Raballand @ Le Jacques Franck

Taking up the theme of the 2018 Zinneke Parade, this exhibition will accompany its final preparations to this typical Brussels event. It will try to expand this theme to the maximum by stretching the limits of what is legal and what is illegal. It will explore various aspects such as nudity, masks, struggle, exile, violence, terrorism, addiction, procrastination, virtual world, big brother, superheroes, fiction and wild interventions in the public space ...

Legality is not universal, it is defined temporally and geographically to be able to live together, sometimes by a democratic consensus, sometimes more dictatorially. The convictions and fluctuating morality of everyone can push some to overcome these limits without feeling outlawed. The invited artists explore these limits and when they overlap, it is often with a playful and provocative enjoyment.


Luc Broché, Pierrick Sorin, Ugo schiavi, Christophe Blanc et Jean-François Oliver, Laurent d’Ursel, Guyom alias Butcher-X, Vincent Peal, Alex GD, Adrien Guigon, Obêtre, Théophane Raballand, Collectif Hashët / Zinneke Parade 2018, Flavie Bicard & guests


Friday  March 23  from  18.00-21.00

19.00: Mask making workshop with the collective Hashet for the Masked Ball of the Zinneke Parade 2018

20.00 concert/performance by Tat2NoisAct

Tat2NoisAct wishes to give you back your primitive ways and use them to mark your eardrums. Far from commercial tattooing and formatted music, driven by an instinctive energy and a desire to go stronger, faster, Tat2NoisAct goes back to the DIY spirit of the beginning of punk.


More info (in French) on the website of Le Jacques Franck

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 18:00 to Friday, May 11, 2018 - 20:00