Le Monde Est Un Village from Le Rideau Rouge (radio concert)

Finally! Le Monde Est Un Village has resumed its lively and vibrant LIVE performances. On the stage of the Rideau Rouge in Lasne: Mec Yek!

Piet Maris, the accordionist and singer of Jaune Toujours, the singers Katia and Milka Pohlodkova and all the musicians of the band delivered a special LIVE -since there was no audience yet-, but it was festive and full of good energy. 
The show featured 10 unreleased tracks from their new repertoire, with songs sung in Romanesque or Russian and original arrangements of traditional songs. 
It was a pleasure to experience the lively and vibrant feeling of the artists.

Listen to the concert on the RTBF website!


Mec Yek
Thu, 20/05/2021 - 20:00