Living Room Music Festival - garden edition

Welcome to the Archiducs and Logis Floréal neighbourhood in Watermael-Boitsfort, where the Living Room Music Festival will take you to a Garden Edition this year!

On Sunday 13/06, ten locals will open their garden gates to host a concert of traditional world music and make the neighbourhood come alive. For one afternoon, come and discover musicians from different horizons and meet your neighbours, the spectators, and the volunteers at the festival.

How does it work? Choose three of the ten concerts on offer. Each group plays three concerts of 30 minutes each, separated by a 30 minute break during which the audience moves from one garden to another. Check out the programme below, and choose your three concerts! Be daring, it’s not every day that you can make a musical journey between the five continents within such a small area!

Sun, 13/06/2021 - 14:00